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An Approved Consultancy Firm by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)

Working in the field of Hospital designing and planing including all engineering services required to establish any Hospital, Health facility, diagnostics center and medical universites.

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Project Feasibility & Budgetary Analysis

It refers to the analysis performed to measure the ability and likelihood to successfully…

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Master Planning & Zoning Plans

Master planning is the foremost step in designing any Medical Facility. This process has …

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Architecture, Structure, MEP & Other Drawing

Architecture is the art and technique of designing and building, it’s a science of building


Project Management

In Pakistan, the most common challenge faced by the construction industry is the delay in project …

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Interior Designing

Interior Design of man-made spaces is a part of the environmental design and closely related …

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Patient Flow Planning

It refers to monitor and control the patient flow on daily basis by emphasizing on prioritized department  …

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Equipment Procurement Evaluation

Medical equipment procurement is a critical aspect in ensuring the process of establishing…

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Preparation of Medical Equipment Specification & Validation

Equipping health facilities to need detail planning  …

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 Equipment Placement & Medical Gas Pipelining

For any Medical Facility, after furnishing architecture plans the most focal …

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Healthcare Integrated Solutions

Our team of experts has vast experience not only in health information but also in healthcare administration…

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TurnKey Project Execution

HES`s experts, forming a competent and well-coordinated team, plan projects from …

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Indira Gandhi Hospital (Afghanistan)

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Jinnah Hospital (Afghanistan)

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Amin Ullah Khan Logari Hospital (Afghanistan)

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Nishtar Kidney Hospital

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PIMS Hospital

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Ghulam Muhammad Mehar Medical college

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Darul Sehat

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Mayo Surgical Tower Lahore

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MIKD Multan

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Rehman Psychiatric Hospital

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CAA Trauma Center New Islamabad Airport

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Yaseen International Hospital

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Health Engineering Solutions – Brightening up the future of Healthcare Industry and Hospital Management

When it comes to the culture or the interior of hospitals, nothing is as important as the employees who work for it and focus to provide exceptional patient care so that they start to feel better again. When it comes to the particular physical asset hospitals are like cities, they are filled with people of all walks of life, medical miracles and tragic tales.

A hospital is not an industrial space, nor any kind of office space, nor a hotel where you can come into the lounge and relax. Hospital management should be involved in all types of current affairs such as from the planning stage of the hospital to the implementation stage. Hospital planning is utmost important and it definitely needs integrated solutions, turnkey supplies. Equipment planning and procurement. Health engineering Pvt. ltd is one of the top leading consultancy firms in Pakistan that works closely with clients to explore all choices throughout the design and development of any Hospitals buildings, Infrastructure or any kind of new Business.

Though a hospital is a place where its staff would never compromise with its patients’ health and safety, two types of failures can affect patients’ health and safety and these are known as active failures and dormant failures.

An active failure is a human error or mistake which is made by its staff and other workers but when the other failure occurs is when there’s a flaw in the procedure hospital interior and construction which should be taken care of immediately. Shrinking both the failures is and should be a top-notch priority of hospital management, so they look to Healthcare architects for building and interior design strategies that can help reduce accidents.

Earning trust through unmatched solutions

The mission of healthcare engineering (Pvt) Ltd is basically to earn the trust of their clients through their dedication, integrity and innovative ideas and unmatched solutions and also according to the hospital feasibility.

In today’s era of Digitalization, Technology and Modern Sciences, we are heading towards a time where Healthcare planning plays a greater role in how the patient’s care is administered. The last thing a patient wants to feel is neglected. Technologies are shaping the healthcare industry and quickening the speed and the need for innovation.

Healthcare is in a continual need for growth and development. Renovating and Building new hospitals are indeed costly ventures, because it is very demanding to build a beautiful hospital with all the patients’ care required on a tight budget and in most cases hospitals need an occasional tune-up or full-scale renovation to stay competitive within their market and state and to meet the demands of the profession and patient-centred design. The field of medicine must keep up with technology to cater to all kinds of needs to treat patients.

Hospital interior design trends that help to restrain the failures maximize the quality care and facilitate patient’s safety. Patient care is a complex and top-line priority. Wayfinding has always been a challenge in hospitals, by creating spaces that allow staff to deliver quality care safely and efficiently in the design phase. A good hospital planning, design and architecture allows the layout of streets, building approach and building entries to serve as pathfinding devices and routing.

Forecasting future needs has been one of the most criticized aspects when it comes to building or renovating new hospital facilities.

The most important thing for any health care organization is to support and facilitate. As healthcare continues to progress, the architecture of healthcare facilities has advanced with it. When it comes down to the design of such facilities, architects and engineers are challenged to create something both visually tempting and properly equipped for catering to the needs of patients. Architecture and design that is particularly manoeuvred to reduce stress, encourage a calm atmosphere and create comfort which is exactly what a doctor orders, and something that Health engineering Pvt. Ltd is pleased to see implemented in healthcare projects into the upcoming future.

A functional Interior Design Making A Hospital More Convenient

A well-designed interior design can make a hospital more comfortable, suitable, and well-organized, while a bad interior design can hinder the execution of various activities. While making your hospital design for the interiors, the proper need for space management is required and is important at the same time. Patients come to a hospital for treatment procedures with proper hospital equipment and supplies.

There are both outpatients and inpatients who get admitted and require adequate treatment. There are many other features in a particular hospital. For instance, they are the Emergency, different wards, pathological rooms, radiological rooms, operation theatres and various others that a hospital comprises.

All these different rooms have to be planned and laid out in a well-organized and an authentic manner and hospital building design. This results in sufficient space creation to carry out the entire treatment process without any trouble. While planning your interior hospital design, it is vital to deliver sophisticated looks to the inside of the hospital. The look of the hospital interiors design should be elegant in style. An enhanced demonstration of the layout of the hospital will create a positive impact on the patients and their family members who visit and implies a great impression.

When we strategize the pattern to be followed inside the hospitals, we, at health engineering solutions, prepare the layout in such a way so that the interiors of the hospital receive satisfactory daylight. That will not only be useful in saving over the electricity bills but will also enhance the image of the hospital and depict a healthy place for healing.

Through our hospital interiors design services, we try to impart a feeling among the people who would be using the hospital services that this place is not at all an artificially cramped, overpopulated place like most of the hospitals.
As working as healthcare consultants in Pakistan mainly in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and other remote areas for quality healthcare and engineering facilities, the main aim of healthcare engineering is to maximize the need of the organization and efficiency of healthcare-related industries.