Health Engineering Solution


Following are the Key factors that together forms our Methodology Process. Each step has its own significance but not necessarily involved in the flow-process. All the core factors are picked crucially in order to build and run any Medical Facility.

Feasibility Studies / Need Analysis

Our experts team are highly capable to conduct surveys and prepare pre-feasibility reports and according to customer, budget/investment, we can arrange and present feasibility reports based upon Site Orientation, Infrastructure, Neighborhood, Accessibility, End-User requirements, Budget, and Future Expansion.

Healthcare Architecture Planning & Top Supervision

Healthcare Architecture is basically an incorporation of Architecture and Bio-Medical Engineering, as the Design of a Hospital has a crucial and long term importance to functionalize and generate successful patient Flow. It forms the basis for optimal hospital processes, thus it will help to minimize the workloads of hospital personnel.
‘’Health Engineering Solutions’’ has been supporting the design of workplaces in the field of acute medical care and the planning of equipment. We know the challenges you face. With our expertise in complex processes, we are able to work with you to develop the right concept. This way, we can produce tailored, flexible and future-proof solutions.

Design Concepts

The concept is not yet a design; it simply charts how the design will take shape. Concepts describe how the hospital organization will function building concepts shed light on the spatial integration and flexibility; and technical concepts show how to make the most of sustainability possibilities.
Here, too, computer models support the dialogue between you and our designers. With the analysis and comprehensive concept completed, ‘’Health Solutions’’ is now ready to start designing.

Interior Designing and Details

Interior Designing of Medical Facilities is crucial and require more dedication as some factors differ it from ordinary Interior Designing such as; Specific Material selection, Special instruction installation, Standardize design and selection of Furniture and Fixtures, ISO approved finishes etc.

Hospital’s Equipment Layout Planning & Procurement

From small single one department renovations to new construction of major medical institutions, our knowledge of the systems that support medical technology helps your project flow smoothly. We offer impartial product recommend -actions and, as a result, are more responsive to your needs. Our consulting and design work saves you money by providing technology assessment studies, specialty planning expert knowledge of current emerging technologies and equipment budgeting and prioritization and launch procurement process to onward bid analysis .Here, too, computer models support the dialogue between you and our designers. With the analysis and comprehensive concept completed, ‘’Health Solutions’’ is now ready to start designing. 

Project Management

We have excel in the field of Hospital/ Buildings and infrastructure development. We provide our Project Management service through modern technology to support the execution process.

Facility Management

In the presence of senior and experienced group we offer our facility management services to advice on running any Medical Facility.

Installation and Service Management

With an expanded Vision and a vast developed Network in the field of Bio-Medical, Our Firm can arrange and supervise the installation and maintain service contracts as third-party consultation or evaluation.

Integrated Healthcare IT Solutions

Our selection of world renowned brands could make world best integrated solutions for your hospital. Requirements through turnkey solution. We have world best IT solutions according to your hospital need and future requirement. Complete Paperless and Film-less solutions for modern hospital requirement.

Turn Key Supplies and Execution

Our multi-talented staff and their experience in the field of Hospital equipment can arrange all medical equipment from World`s renown brands. In Short, we fabricate customer requirements from plot to a running Hospital.

Third-Party Validation

We have the expertise to validate the medical facility procurement based on need analysis, as a Third-Party Consultant according to International Regulatory Authorities. This includes hospital design analysis, scrutiny, procurement validation, reviewing specification, brand and grades etc. accordingly.